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What is BPtrivia?

It's good trivia in your browser.  We provide various formats of high-quality trivia that is written for mid-to-high-level players.  Take our quizzes, track your stats, and compete against yourself and others!  If you're a fan of pub trivia, crossword puzzles, or knowledge in general, you'll love BPtrivia.

The BP100 is a monthly quiz, designed to be taken at-your-leisure.  At the end of the month, see how you stack up against the rest of the league. FREE for all users.

The BP Blitz is a race against the clock: a quiz designed to be taken in one sitting where you score points for accuracy and speed. Most Blitz quizzes require a BP+ subscription, but once a month there is an Open Blitz which is FREE for all users.

The BP Championship Series is a season-based competition where your performance on a daily quiz ranks you among your peers. Requires a BP+ subscription.

The BP Special is a 10-question quiz, usually based on a topic or theme. You assign a BONUS to each of 5 questions and earn more points for bonusing the harder questions, based on the respective get-rates. All BP Special quizzes require a BP+ subscription to play.

BPtrivia Live is an in-person bar trivia game hosted by & written by BPtrivia starting on May 10th, 2021! Check out the schedule here.


BP Titans II Complete

Submitted by Bill on Tue, 11/09/2021 - 22:42

BP Titans II is in the books!

This past weekend, BPtrivia hosted the second iteration of BP Titans, an online pop culture tournament. Twenty four teams sign up in total and everything went amazingly! We appreciate each and every person who played, wrote, moderated, did anything to make sure this tournament as good as it could have! We'll do our best to bring it back next year! We ran two Flights, each of which produced a winner. A congratulations is in order for Countless Screaming Argonauts, our Flight A Champions, and Three Men and a Little Lady, our Flight B Champions! It was some seriously tough competition so a win in this tournament is a huge honor. You can check out the complete statistics and standings here.

BPtrivia Live

Submitted by Bill on Thu, 05/06/2021 - 01:43

BPtrivia Goes Live!

BPtrivia is taking the online-only game and expanding it into an in-person bar trivia experience! Join your host Bill as he runs an all-new format at local venues near Frederick County & Montgomery County, Maryland. Check out the Live Trivia page for a complete schedule. More venues to come in the near future! We hope to see you there!

Some Updates

Submitted by Bill on Thu, 04/01/2021 - 15:57

What's New with BPtrivia?

It's been a while since we posted anything on the Home Page so we just wanted to give an update as to what we've been working on over the past few months. Obviously, we've been working hard on providing fresh content every month but a good chunk of the work we put in has been behind-the-scenes. We're working diligently to optimize accessibility, speed, and aesthetic on BPtrivia. You'll notice some small changes happening all over the place:

- profiles have been condensed a bit for ease and readability 

- social media buttons have been added to the Home Page

- Email Alerts have been completely broken down to where you can select exactly which emails you want to receive from us and when

- a calendar has been added to the Home Page that lays out the upcoming quizzes for the month (also reflected in the Quizzes tab)

- the BP Championship Series has been redesigned and is constantly being added to in order to create the Best Possible trivia experience, keeping it fun and fair while still maintaining a competitive feel

We're currently working on adding more accessible statistics, a new logo, reminder emails, and a completely new quiz feature! Stay tuned for more; thank you all so much for continuing to support our little project here. It's been a fantastic year and an honor to continue to provide high-quality trivia to such an amazing group!

December BPCS

Submitted by Bill on Mon, 12/07/2020 - 04:04

The BP Championship Series Has Returned!

The final BPCS Split of 2020 has begun! Check out the Championship Series tab for a daily quiz (M-F) for the next three weeks. Beginning in 2021, the BPCS will be getting a bit of a makeover that we're very excited about. Keep an eye out for details, and have fun with this month's quizzes!

FRIENDSgiving at BPtrivia!

Submitted by Bill on Tue, 11/24/2020 - 23:50

FRIENDSgiving at BPtrivia!

This Thanksgiving, BPtrivia is teaming up with Brain Bash Trivia and Jeremy Cahnmann to bring you some themed trivia based on the TV show "Friends"! On Thursday, November 26th, at 9 PM ET (6 PM PT), Brain Bash and BPtrivia are co-hosting an all-Friends themed trivia game via Facebook Live (check us out on Facebook for the stream). In addition to this game, Jeremy from Brain Bash will be crafting up a BP Blitz on Friends trivia, to go live on Thanksgiving Day! For those of you that are Friends fans, we've got you covered! We hope you join us for these holiday events!