Congrats to our BPCS Finalists for 2023!

During the past year, 24 players qualified for our BPCS Finals! Over the next month or two, these players will be participating in a Finals Tournament, where each player will take on 10 sets of trivia in a proctored setting. At the end, we'll tally up the results and crown our 2023 BPCS Champion! Here's the roster of players:

  • David Plotkin
  • Victoria Groce
  • Jerry Dynes
  • Todd Lusk
  • Daryl Sng
  • Jeff King
  • Michael Rankins
  • Gerry Tansey
  • Gregory Fanoe
  • Marty Miller
  • bRaNDon bLACkWelL
  • Patrick Friel (2022 BPCS Champion)
  • Jason Hess
  • Dan Burgess
  • Darren Munk
  • Doug Robeson
  • Chris Ottolino
  • Pam Mueller
  • Alex Misner
  • Andrew Ullsperger
  • Andy Kravis
  • Jeff Frank
  • Troy Meyer
  • Seoan Webb

Best of luck to everyone participating! We'll be revealing the 2023 BPCS Champion during the first week of March. Stay tuned!