Some Updates

What's New with BPtrivia?

It's been a while since we posted anything on the Home Page so we just wanted to give an update as to what we've been working on over the past few months. Obviously, we've been working hard on providing fresh content every month but a good chunk of the work we put in has been behind-the-scenes. We're working diligently to optimize accessibility, speed, and aesthetic on BPtrivia. You'll notice some small changes happening all over the place:

- profiles have been condensed a bit for ease and readability 

- social media buttons have been added to the Home Page

- Email Alerts have been completely broken down to where you can select exactly which emails you want to receive from us and when

- a calendar has been added to the Home Page that lays out the upcoming quizzes for the month (also reflected in the Quizzes tab)

- the BP Championship Series has been redesigned and is constantly being added to in order to create the Best Possible trivia experience, keeping it fun and fair while still maintaining a competitive feel

We're currently working on adding more accessible statistics, a new logo, reminder emails, and a completely new quiz feature! Stay tuned for more; thank you all so much for continuing to support our little project here. It's been a fantastic year and an honor to continue to provide high-quality trivia to such an amazing group!